Closures and Notices

For up to date information on fires impacting the Official CDT route please check here.  If you have any information regarding new incidents, please contact CDTC at info at For information regarding others areas you may be traveling along,  please refer to the Inciweb website for the national list of currently active fire incidents.

TRAIL CLOSURE – OJITOS FIRE – updated October 3, 2017

The Ojitos Fire closure has been rescinded. The CDT is now open.

Big Red Fire – Routt National Forest – Updated 9/20/2017
The Big Red Fire is burning just south of the CO/WY border and has closed a portion of the CDT. The Forest Service expects this closure to be in place until the area receives significant snowfall.
Detour: From SoBo mile 1499.6 (Hog Park Rd. 01_031RX) head south on Forest Rd 550. Follow FR550 south to Co Rd 129. Co Rd 129 heads past Steamboat Lake. South of the lake, take a left onto FR400 and follow it to Seedhouse Trailhead. This re-route is approximately 35 miles, and detours around 25 miles of trail.
Hahns Peak-Bears Ears Ranger District: 970-870-2299
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Update 8/15/2016
USFS has just enacted new restrictions regarding food storage which is in effect for San Isabel and Pike National Forests. This affects both the CDT and CT where they cross popular car camping roads. The regulation requires that food be stored in hard canisters or hung 10 feet above ground 4′ from the trunk of the tree. No consideration is given for Ursacks. The zones are 1/2 mile wide (1/4 mile on each side of the roads.) Roads included are Halfmoon, Winfield, Hancock, Cottonwood, & Mt. Princeton/ Chalk Creek.

Sprague Fire – Glacier National Park – Updated 9/27/2017
The CDT is closed from Goat Haunt north to the Canadian Border. The Highline Trail is under a Posting and may close.
CDT Hikers should either take the Chief Mountain Route, or detour off the Highline Trail over Stony Indian Pass (trail junction is at waypoint 30_264XL, NoBo mile 3041.2).
Note that the Going-to-the-Sun Road is closed from the foot of Lake McDonald to Logan Pass.
Due to the Kenow fire, all front-country and back-country areas (including trails) in Waterton Park are closed. (Click here for more info)
Click here for the most current list of trail closures in Glacier National Park.

Scalp, Crucifixion Creek, Dolly Varden & Strawberry Fires – Bob Marshall Wilderness – Updated 9/27/2017
The CDT is closed at multiple points due to four fires in the Bob Marshall Wilderness. The Spotted Bear Ranger District has put together a re-route for CDT hikers from Spotted Bear Pass to Marias Pass. Stage 1 Fire Restrictions are in place: no campfires or stoves without an on-off switch.

Thanks to “TwoBadDogs” for the following re-route description:
Take the CDT OUT OF Benchmark.
Take the Spotted Bear alternate (nobo mile 2843.7) to the Pentagon Cabin (alt mile 10.7).
From there leave the alternate and proceed west down the Spotted Bear River on trail 83 a total of about 8.5 miles, past the Silvertip Cabin (outhouse!). About 4 miles down Trail 83 there is good camping at the Dean Creek Campsite. This is also the last on-trail water till you get over Gunsight Pass on Trail 43.
Take trail 43 north. This trail is easy to miss. There is a sign and it is a small trail that heads up the hill. Trail 43 is a long climb up to Gunsight Pass and the last several miles on top are a horribly burned out forest. When you head down the other side there is water at Gunsight Lake . It’s about 8.5 dry miles up 43 and over Gunsight to trail 327.
Trail 327 is also poorly marked but you’ll cross a small water source just before you see a big trail coming toward you and you’ll follow it to the right. A sign just a bit down the trail says “Schafer Cr. Tr.”. You will get out of the burn after a mile or so of descending and reach good water about 2 miles down trail 327 at the West Fork of Schafer Creek with a small camp spot just a bit past the crossing and more open flat ground a mile or two further north. The distance to Schafer Work Center on 327 is about 10.3 miles. Plenty of water along the way and you cross the Flathead River just before the camp.
Take Trail 155 west out of the camp and go just over 4.5 miles to Trail 154 (Morrison Creek Trail). Follow 154 about 9.5 miles to the Morrison Creek Trailhead. There is a great camp at the second crossing of Morrison Creek.
When you hit the road at Morrison Creek Trailhead head to the left and it’s about a 9 mile walk along the Skyland Rd., north to Highway 2. Water can be found at the creek near the Challenge Campsite about 3 miles down.
This will leave you about 2 miles south of Marias Pass.
If anything changes they will have information at the Pentagon cabin.

Click here for the re-route map.
Click here for the Inciweb page for the Scalp Fire.

Alice Creek Fire – Updated 9/27/2017
The CDT is closed south of Flesher Pass (where marked as National Forest Trail 440) north through the Lincoln Ranger District and the Rocky Mountain Ranger District.
Lincoln Ranger District: 406-362-7000
Rocky Mountain Ranger District: 406-466-5341
Click here for a map of the closure area and the closed trails (including CDT- Trail 440)
Click here for the closure order.
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Meyers Fire – Updated September 27
All portions of the CDT have re-opened after the Meyers Fire. Note that there are trail closures to the West of the CDT. These closures will remain in place until September 22, 2018, unless rescinded earlier. CDT hikers should stay on the CDT to avoid entering closed trails.

Click here for the closure order and map.
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