Blaze The CDT

Be A Part Of History

Calling all existing CDT Trail Adopters, project volunteers, and prospective volunteers!! Join us in this once in a lifetime effort as we attempt to Blaze the CDT from Mexico to Canada!

Out with the old, in with the new! The CDTC has moved away from the former plastic markers which would often crack or fade and in 2018 we will unveil brand new aluminium markers to help Blaze the CDT! Everyone who volunteers to mark the CDT will have the opportunity to replace the old plastic markers with the new aluminum ones!
COMING SOON! CDTC is creating an Interactive Blaze The CDT Map so potential volunteers can see which segments are available for marking!
Blaze The CDT Interest Form

Blaze The CDT Campaign

 In 2018, the CDT will celebrate it’s 40th Anniversary. Created in 1978, the CDT has evolved slowly into the Trail it is today – an amazing non motorized backcountry, primitive trail experience that runs along the backbone of the North American continent!  For much of its history, the Trail resided on open roads and highways, and often the Trail was hard to follow.  In it’s early days, the CDT was known as the “blue tin can” trail named by the blue tin cans volunteers used to mark the CDT’s route in the early 60’s and 70’s.  As the CDT has become more established the Trail’s route has changed and today while 96% of it resides on public lands, and is hikeable, it’s still poorly marked or marked incorrectly.  We want to change that!!

Help us build connections and strengthen our volunteer stewardship community by signing up to help us mark a segment of the CDT and create a lasting impact on the CDT. As the Trail turns 40, it is a great opportunity to mark the entire CDT and give it a much needed boost of TLC! It’s alsp a great opportunity to create awareness about the Trail, demonstrate the incredible grassroots support for the CDT, and train the cadre of volunteers needed to help us maintain and steward this amazing Trail for future generations.   Learn more on what is needed and how you can help us “Blaze the CDT” in 2018!

What is needed:

CDT needs Volunteers to help us mark hundreds of miles of the CDT from Mexico to Canada.  By checking  out the Map (coming soon), you can see which segments are in need of your help.

Join the Blaze The CDT Effort

To become a Blaze The CDT Volunteer you must be able to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Trail Knowledge: Have you already hiked the CDT or would this be your first time hiking the CDT?  Previous experience isn’t necessary, but understanding the environments along the CDT will be helpful to making sure you’ll be successful. For example, some segments are high elevation and can only be reached by high clearance 4 wheel drive vehicles, during summer months. Other sections may require long walks with limited water. It’s important to know before you go so that you show up prepared and ready for the conditions you may encounter at the Trail head and beyond.
  • Training: Do you have time or availability to participate in an online training webinar.  To participate in the program, training will be required. While CDTC will provide some in person trainings for those that do not have access to online resources, we will provide access to an online webinar resource to help make this as efficient as possible.
  • Communication: Create and uphold a positive line of communication between the CDTC, Land Managers, and Volunteer Organizations.
  • Trail Standards: Perform your work to uphold the scenic, historical, natural, and cultural qualities of the CDT, while still maintaining the primitive and challenging nature of the Trail.
  • Social Media: Help us raise awareness and create a “buzz” about this effort we hope you will use social media to share your experience while on the CDT. If this would be your first time we can help get you started, you just need to be willing to share!

Sign Up Now!

If you said yes to any or all of the above then here’s how you can sign up:

  • Locate an available segment on the Map (coming soon). CDTC will do its best to match up desired segments with volunteers showing interest but this may not be possible in all cases. IF CDTC can’t match your request, we will work with you to find suitable segment.
  • Sign up here filling out the Blaze the CDT Interest Form at the top of the page and pressing SUBMIT. Having trouble with the form? Email us at 
  • Await confirmation of assigned segment

Once approved:

CDTC will send you info on how to complete the following:

  • Participate in the on line or in person training
  • Coordinate your Marking Trip
  • Communicate details to CDT about your marking event
  • Complete marking
  • Report on Marking

That’s it. That’s all it takes! We hope you are interested and we hope to see you on the CDT in 2018!