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  • Ryan "Axilla" Rosen
  • Apple Pie
  • CanHacker
  • M&M and Pootz
  • Slingshot
  • Geared Up
  • Dust Bunny
  • Roger Carpenter
  • Walkabout and Uyetsga
  • 3rd Monty and Fixit
  • Speed
  • Sass

Check out this awesome map created by my friends at Walking Man Brewing that outlines my upcoming th [...]

“One foot in front of the other. Through leaves, over bridges.” –K.V. Welcome, This is a blog. This [...]

March 22, I try to sleep in but am too hungry. Breakfast next door is decent and afterwards I wander [...]

March 21, 18 miles, CubaAfter I was comfy in my sleeping bag last night, the almost full moon shone [...]

March 20, 24I wake up to a view of horses grazing. Once again I have a tough time getting going but [...]

March 19, 22 milesTown food has definitely made it out of my system and I finished up my cream chees [...]

March 18, 24 milesI continue my road walk on Rd 239. It's mostly dry but a short stretch has so [...]

I want to list briefly some of the applications while hiking. These are all android applications as [...]

So, a lot has happened since I headed back out onto the CDT after my injury. A lot of little things [...]

So, my ankle actually healed up quicker than I expected, took just a week and a half or so.   The ba [...]

Well, for the second time I've turned around and headed home after leaving Helena, Mt.  About 3 [...]

The basin is actual Rawlins to South Pass City (highway to Lander, Wy in 3miles from there) but I en [...]

The first thing we needed to do when we started hiking was cross the river. It was a lot colder! The [...]

The first 6 miles went by pretty quickly today since most of it was downhill for a change. Then we a [...]

Happy Earth Day! We got an early start. We started out on an old road continuing to climb. Near wher [...]

I still wasn't feeling well when we got up. I considered another day off, but really didn' [...]

I woke up not feeling well. I got packed up but had to keep visiting the bathroom so we decided to t [...]

When I’m not on trail I tend to nerd out on gear… Here’s my quick sum up of most of the gear I had o [...]

My name is Slingshot. I’ve nearly walked the continental divide from Mexico to Canada. I’ve seen man [...]

Well I’m sitting in the luxurious Budget Inn, here in Helena, watching TV, drinking coffee, and rest [...]

I was still playing catch up to Cowboy Stripper on my way out of Lima. He left the morning I got int [...]

The past week and a half or so has been an absolute blast. I met Zoe and Mary-Clare in West Yellowst [...]

I have finished my hiking in the U.S. for the year and have moved onto my international portion. Hik [...]

Another long day. I distincly remember this place. The forever drive way with attack mosquitoes! No [...]

Almost to the trail when Illusion realizes his wallet is gone! Turn and burn. Now the day is gone an [...]

Met a fellow named Illusion. Just happens to live 1.5 hours from Salisbury. So going to spend a coyo [...]

Hot! Ran into a nice cache of trail magic! The bridge was open this year outside of falls village. S [...]

I apologize for the delay in completing this blog. I was immediately caught up in a tidal wave of so [...]

Miles: 20 Total CDT miles: 2720 9/28/2016 3:00pm I keep meaning to go back and write more about this [...]

Miles: 20 Camp: My CDT mile 2590 I find it hard to fathom that this will be our last night on trail. [...]

Day 161: 15 Miles For The WinMiles: 15 Camp: My CDT mile 2570 If only life were made of 15 mile days. I could be happy forever on [...]

Miles: 15 Camp: My CDT mile 2555 It was such a wonderful feeling to wake up knowing I didn’t have to [...]

December 5, 2016. One of the pleasures of hiking the CDT was to read the words of support from those [...]

THE CDT JOURNEY IS COMPLETED! On October 3 at 1:30 pm I hiked to the US/Canada border at Chief Mount [...]

CANADA IS WITHIN REACH!  Upon leaving the wonderful city of Helena I spent 14 days hiking 237 miles [...]

365 MILES TO GO, FALL COLORS, AND GREAT WEATHER AHEAD. During the four days I hiked between Anaconda [...]

A BETTER WAY NORTH.  When I departed Lima, Montana, where I restocked my pack with six days of food, [...]

We start the morning with thunderstorms rolling around us and a light sprinkle on our tent. It was j [...]

As we have a short hike to our next camp site we take it slow this morning just enjoying the sun by [...]

We start the day with a visit to the Backcountry office to get our permit reprinted. We have changed [...]

Today is a zero of sorts. We take a leisurely breakfast at the grill in the Grant village store. Yet [...]

Today our goal is Grants Village and we have 13 miles to the trail head and then a 7 mile hitch. Alo [...]

Avis is the only car rental company that does not charge a dropoff fee for one-way rentals, so that’ [...]

Yesterday when we got back to East Glacier (thanks to Terry, who gave us a ride!),  the first thing [...]

The wind howled all night, and this morning the clouds were moving in fast, looking nastier by the h [...]

Well, we roadwalked through aspen forests all day and we are camped in the aspens tonight, with the [...]

We had a great all-U-can-eat breakfast at the Glacier Park Lodge and shared a table with Hotshot and [...]

5/13I hiked out of Pie Town after lunch. The next 75 miles to Grants is a road walk. I wanted to see [...]

5/11I ate a huge breakfast at the Adobe Cafe and got a shuttle back to the trail starting at 8:30. I [...]

5/6Left Doc's early and caught a ride to the Gila National Monument Visitor Center. Hob decided [...]

5/4I left Silver City early in the morning after the big continental breakfast and headed north on r [...]

5/3I was heading out this evening but Numbers showed up and decided to spend the night, so we split [...]

Sept 23- Woke up the sun trying hard to come out as the rain had finally come to an end. Packing up [...]

Sept 17- After a zero day, it is difficult to be motivated to get out of bed. A bit before 9 we head [...]

Sept 12- It was tough to get out of bed this morning since it was so warm and cozy. Close to 9 we ra [...]

Sept 8- We took our time in the morning eating at the cafe two breakfasts before making our way to t [...]

Sept 3 We would be quite a few days ahead if we learned to leave town early in the morning. Instead, [...]

Southbound Hikers

  • Brad (Shepherd) McCartney
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  • Harpo & Groucho
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I was looking forward to a rest in Palenque. My sojourn into the jungle left me a little tired. I fo

Bonampak is the smaller and less visited little brother of nearby Yaxchilan and Palenque. That is th

Yaxchilan is one the premier Mayan sites. But the crowds are avoiding this place because it takes a

I moved yet further into the jungle or was it further into the land of the ranches. The road into th

It rained all night. My first night in the jungle I slept to the sounds of raindrops and the hundred

The other day while sitting with a friend, he began questioning me about my adventures on foot. I be

No Title   I just spent a better part of a week out on the PCT, hiking section A and B. I really had no plan

   The internet is a funny place. When you get on one of these hiking pages and begin discussing hik

Back in the water!I injured my knee 2 1/2 years ago and it was too severe to surf for the 1st 6 months of the injury.

Yosemite Run...Now that I am in work mode, I have been focusing on staying in shape. So I have been in the gym afte

Harpo and I were on a mission not to pay rent. We succeeded (mostly) from May 2013 – to July 217, su

Sometime in August: After hiking more than 6000 miles with Groucho over the past 3 years, and sleepi

Oregon Coast Storm of the Half CenturySeveral weeks ago a large weather event was predicted for coastal oregon and washington areas. Thank

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The Gila is a Cold Wet WonderlandIt’s 111 miles to Pie Town from Doc Campbell’s Outpost, the general store in the middle of nowhere N

Updates from the Continental Divide TrailHey y’all! Hope everyone out there in wherever everyone out there may be is doing well. It’s been a

Lowest to Highest Route Day 3 & 4: Fun, Or Something Like ItWhen night falls and I trip over a rock for the third time, we bust out our headlamps and keep going

Lowest to Highest Route Day 3: If Not For ThisEverything is right with the world. This, of course, is not true. But staring up from my sleeping ba

Lowest to Highest Route Day 2 Continued: Stayin’ AliveShade becomes more plentiful, up here in the canyon, a few thousand feet above the sea. It’s a welco

Crunchmaster's update on FB:This is an update on my plans for the rest of the summer.This Wedne

Crunchmaster's FB post, posted here 25 days later....Today will be my last day on the trail. I

I'm placing "unknown" for a destination and an estimated minimal mileage in today

For those who follow and who are planning a CDT hike in the future, you'll simply need to piece

Today is a rest day. Tomorrow Crunch will supply himself for the next leg, beginning on 7/4.

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Section Hikers

  • Jo
  • Mama Bear and Monkey
  • Gilder

Life goes on. can't get there from here. I think a lot of people feel like that right now, and

Finally I’ve added Kerry’s photos. Looking back I am astounded at how beautif...

Last evening, we sat and drank beer with Apricot and Psycho in the courtyard outside our motel room

On the trail at 5:29 a.m., arrived in Cuba at 8:00 a.m.-ish. Kerry dreamed about his dad last night.

3.2 miles in Bear Creek section 26 and all of section 25, 19.7 miles   Sleepi...

Day 45: Abandoned Mine to Spring Creek Pass (Finished!)Our last day. With mixed emotions, we packed up our gear and tent for the last time on the CDT. We a

Day 44: Colorado Trail Junction to Abandoned MineThe pale, glowing half moon lit the night sky. I shivered in my down cocoon, watching. Outside, a fr

Day 43: La Vaca Creek to Colorado Trail JunctionI watched the first light as it slowly worked its way down the mountain. The warm light touched the

Day 42: Trout Lake to Valley Above La Vaca CreekA narrow sliver of sunlight pierced the dark grey veil of clouds that shrouded our little valley. Th

Day 41: Mile 896 to Trout LakeA lone marmot posed on a rock like a yogi, surveying the valley belowIn his own version of the sun s

What a strange, wild and wonderful trail we tread. I have reached the end of the line for my autumn

There are Mexican Grey Wolves in AZ + NM, but they don’t prowl with me. Not with the Lone Wolf. I ha

Apple Pie ala Mode. All the great poets, travelers, stop for pie. Get Outlook for Android

So many old shoes. Get Outlook for Android

550 Miles Old – O Miles New Get Outlook for Android