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By becoming a member of CDTC, you will help us protect, promote and preserve the CDT.  Your membership supports activities from providing meals to volunteers working on the Trail to helping us effectively advocate for the Trail and its protection with Congress!

CDTC Membership Rights and Responsibilities:

  • Any individual or institution willing to promote the objectives of the CDTC is eligible for membership in CDTC.
  • Members of CDTC are non-voting members of the organization.
  • CDTC members may nominate potential candidates to the CDTC Board of Directors and members are encouraged to attend the annual meeting of the CDTC during which the elected Board of Directors are presented to the membership.
  • CDTC’s Membership lists will not be sold, shared, or otherwise provided to outside entities.
  • All CDTC Memberships are “household” memberships and can be extended to individuals, families, groups etc.  This means for each membership issued, those within that “household” receive the membership benefits.

CDTC Membership Levels:  CDTC are those who pay annual membership dues and may be individuals, families, or groups/organizations.  Memberships are annual memberships and may be renewed during the anniversary month of the initial date membership. If membership is renewed before the anniversary date, the renewal month will not change.  If membership is renewed after the anniversary date, the new date will be considered the anniversary date.

All CDTC Members Receive:

  • Thank You letter recognizing your tax deductible contributions
  • CDTC decal, CDT decal and 5 % discounts at CDTC’s Trail Store
  • CDTC Newsletter (three times a year)*
  • Invitations to CDTC events and volunteer projects
  • Knowledge that your membership helps support the important work of the CDTC!

*CDTC Newsletter will be in a .pdf format and provided electronically until we have the resources to provide them in print.

CDTC offers Membership at the following levels:

  • CDT Trail Angel                    $1000.00 or more
  • CDT Trail Champion             $500.00
  • CDT Trail Steward                 $250.00
  • CDT Trail Explorer                 $100.00
  • CDT Trail Supporter               $75.00
  • CDT Trail Enthusiast              $35.00
  • CDT Student member            $25.00
  • CDT Friends                           $5.00

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CDT Trail Angel, CDT Trail Champion, Trail Steward, Trail Explorer, Trail Supporter, Trail Enthusiast, Student member, CDT Friends