Continental Divide Trail Diary: Montana/Idaho by Tim Hogeboom


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Continental Divide Trail Diary: Montana/Idaho is a 76 minute video diary of filmmaker Thomas (Tim) Hogeboom’s 800 mile trek from the Canadian border to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. The film details Hogeboom’s hike along the spectacular Continental Divide Trail through Glacier National Park, the Bob Marshall and Scapegoat Wilderness, the Anaconda Pintler Wilderness, the Beaverhead mountains, and finally to Old Faithful geyser in Yellowstone. Although Hogeboom intended to complete the trek in nine weeks back in 1998, it took him eight years instead. Along the way, he got lost multiple times, and faced both grizzly and black bears, a serious tick disease, snow, biblical plagues of flies, the loss of a parent, a hospitalization for dehydration, and the repercussions of world events.    One of Hogeboom’s partners suffered a trip-ending injury and another was bitten by a disease-carrying tick.
Luckily for the viewer, the backdrop for these sobering and sometimes humorous events is the drop-dead gorgeous Continental Divide through Montana and Idaho. Yes, it’s possible to admire the Rockies from the comfort of a tour bus, but viewers of CDT Diary: MT/ID get to see the spine of the divide from the point of view of the long distance hiker – up close, and in this case, very personal.
 This is not just a tour of the CDT, it’s the story of what happens to an aging hiker who experiences both transcendental moments and life-altering event.

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