AC Golden Brewing and its fan club, the Colorado Native Brew Crew, have adopted a 23-mile stretch of the Continental Divide Trail, which runs from the border of Canada to the border of Mexico. The company — a Golden-based subsidiary of MillerCoors — is the first corporate entity to sponsor part of the famous, 3,100-mile route. It will be maintaining the section between Herman Gulch (about ten miles west of Georgetown) and Berthoud Pass (which is south of Winter Park) — a segment that AC Golden says includes the headwaters for the water that ends up in the brewery’s beer. “As Adopters, the Colorado Native Brew Crew’s responsibility will be for the annual maintenance of this section of the CDT and work with the Continental Divide Trail Coalition and the U.S. Forest Service to ensure it remains a high quality and safe recreational experience for all users of the CDT,” the brewery says.

Photos from the 2015 Project:

Brew Crew 7/15

Herman Gultch to Berthoud Pass