CDT Adopters

Adopting a section of the CDT helps protect and steward the CDT, today, tomorrow and for future generations.

The Continental Divide Trail Adopter Program aims to meet the ongoing monitoring and maintenance needs of the CDT, while continuing to develop our community of engaged supporters. It is our hope that the CDT Adopter Program can continue to build on our established Gateway Community Program and our existing volunteer base as well as engage new volunteers, so we are building connections from within and outside the Trail Community. 

To become a Continental Divide Trail Adopter you must be able to fufill all of these requirements:

  • Choose an Available section of the trail from the interactive map above (coming soon).
  • Attend a 1-day CDT Adopter Training prior to working your chosen section of trail. These trainings are free to new CDT Adopters and involve a classroom and field-based teaching portion.
    • In these training you will learn:
      • CDT Trail Standards
      • Corridor clearance
      • Sawing downed trees
      • Removing slough and berms
      • Building drains and drainage clearance
      • Signing and Marking the CDT
      • How to fill out a CDT Adopter Report Form
  • Perform these tasks a minimum of twice a year in accordance with the CDT Adopter Guide Trail Objectives and Specifications.
  • Submit a CDT Adopter Report Form Online, via email, or snailmail after each visit.
  • Create and uphold a positive line of communication between the CDTC, Land Managers, and Volunteer Organizations.
  • Perform your work to uphold the scenic, historical, natural, and cultural qualities of the CDT, while still maintaining the primitive and challenging nature of the Trail.

*If you are interested in adopting a segment of the CDT, please complete and submit the Adopter Interest Form and we will contact you with further information. We are working with multiple forests at this time to get Adopter Agreements in place. It may be possible that your preferred segment isn’t available just yet, but rest assured that we continue to focus on developing CDT Adopter Program in areas of volunteer interest. Please contact us at with any CDT Adopter questions.

Filled out the Adopter Interest Form but don’t know what steps to take next? Our staff are working on booking CDT Adopter Trainings across the span of the Trail. Visit our site in March 2018 for CDT Adopter Training locations near you! Interested CDT Adopters are required to participate in a CDT Adopter Training prior to becoming an official CDT Adopter.

Current CDT Trail Adopters:

Trail Adopter Reporting

Trail Adopter Interest Form

Existing Maintainers: Are you doing work on the CDT already? Please fill out our Adopter Report Form after every visit so you can share the great work you are doing! Are you interested in adopting the segment you work on? We’d love to hear what you’re doing and how we can support you! 

COMING SOON! CDTC is creating an Interactive CDT Adopter Map so potential volunteers can see which segments are available for Adoption!