Standing up and Speaking out for National Monuments

December 4, 2017 – President Trump signed a proclamation to cut protections for more than two million acres of public lands in the American West by reducing the boundaries of Bears Ears National Monument and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. This direction will have serious consequences for the region’s cultural, scientific and natural resources and for all of America’s public lands and waters. Most importantly, it undercuts the idea of permanence that underpins the protection of all America’s wildlife refuges, national monuments, parks, and designated areas, like the Continental Divide Trail.

In response, CDTC in partnership with the Colorado Mountain Club (CMC), have sent a letter signed on by over 180 businesses across Colorado asking the Colorado congressional delegation to urge the Trump administration to stop its National Monuments review and leave our existing national monuments’ borders and protective policies intact.  

These actions will:

  • put tens of thousands of Native American sacred sites in southern Utah at renewed risk of looting and desecration;
  • place iconic natural areas, archaeological treasures, and key wildlife habitat in the cross-hairs of the fossil fuel industry by stripping protections for lands that sit on oil, gas, coal and mineral reserves; and
  • undercut the idea of permanence that underpins the protection of all America’s wildlife refuges, national monuments, parks, and protected areas like the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail.

Help us amplify local businesses’ voices by urging your Representative to speak up for public lands and help protect the iconic landscapes we rely on for recreation, business, natural resources, and an American way of life!

What can you do?

  1. Find out who your Representative is, using this website and your zip code. If you don’t know who your Senators are, you can use this website.
  2. Write a comment with personal details about the places you care about and why; then submit it to your Representative and Senators via their website (links below) or on one of their social media pages. If you need help writing your comment, look at the talking points listed below in “Other Resources.”
  3. Share this page on your own Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. If you want help crafting your own social media posts, look at the samples in “Other Resources,” below.

Thank you for helping us stand with Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monuments and all of our public lands!

Other Resources (PDFs):