CDT Business Toolkit

In fall 2017, CDTC conducted an economic impact survey in towns along the Trail. We asked owners of hotels, restaurants, gear shops, and more about the importance of public lands and the CDT. 78% of people surveyed reported “significant” or “some” increase in business from trail users since 2014. With their input and suggestions, we designed this Business Toolkit. With it, businesses can draw traffic from CDT users as well as promote the Trail in their own communities.

The downloadable version includes:

  • Welcome letter
  • Strategies for incorporating the CDT into your business
  • CDT Fact Sheet and Talking Points
  • CDTC Contact Sheet

The print version also includes:

  • 100 CDT stickers
  • 1 CDTC window decal
  • 100 CDT brochures
  • 2018 CDT calendar

To request a print version, email