CDTC works to ensure the Trail enjoys a high profile with the public, and endeavors to ensure all Trail data and information remain of high quality and easily accessible to the various audiences who desire this information. CDTC serves as a virtual hub to coordinate information among our partners, both public and private. We work with a wide variety of various web based and print media outlets to disseminate trail information and data. We post information online to highlight unique areas and opportunities to experience the Trail, provide available resources and services to users, and offer general information about the CDT and other National Trail resources. CDTC is the primary source of accurate, reliable information for the CDT, its partners, and the general recreation and conservation economies of local communities. This work also includes doing formal and informal presentations to existing and new communities and partners, and producing materials that effectively brand the Trail and educate a wide public about it. Finally, CDTC cultivates partnerships with media outlets and other promotional bodies for the distribution of Trail resources, issues impacting the Trail, and CDTC activities.

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Educational Materials

The Continental Divide Trail Coalition is excited to share knowledge of the trail by creating and adapting new educational materials about the CDT, its landscapes and human histories, and so much more. Here are some of the first sample lessons — with more to come!

  1. Historical Role Playing Lesson
  2. The Wilderness Society’s Public Lands Timeline Lesson (Module 2, Lesson 1a) with a sample CDT community supplemental timeline. If you are interested in this lesson, please register forThe Wilderness Society’s Public Lands Curriculum (it’s free!) and you will have access to even more fantastic educational materials about our public lands.
  3. Discovering Wildlife on the CDT Lesson

Future lessons will focus on ecosystems along the trail, water resources, and Native history. Check back soon for those resources, which will include educational videos and lesson plans.

Please contact [email protected] to be added to our education email updates or with any questions, ideas, or material suggestions.*