Book your ride, water cache, and support local CDT communities!

Located in a remote desert area on the border of Mexico and New Mexico, about 30 miles south of the town of Hachita, the southern terminus of the CDT (the “Crazy Cook” monument) is difficult to access. CDTC offers a shuttle service to assist hikers and horseback riders interested in traveling along the southernmost sections of the CDT.

The 2024 Shuttle will run daily from March 29th – May 14th and both directions of travel will be available. All booking will be done online via the link below.

Please note that these spring shuttles often fill up quickly, especially on highly-desired start dates for thru-hikes such as April 15th and May 5th. We recommend that you do NOT make other travel arrangements dependent on your intended start date (flights, buses, hotel rooms, etc.) until you have successfully purchased a shuttle spot. 

Please email [email protected] with any inquiries, and keep an eye on our Closures and Alerts page for the most up-to-date information.

Each spot in the shuttle costs $175 and also includes:

  • Water cache service
  • Trail support between the Southern Terminus and Lordsburg
  • Completion Certificate (upon completing the entire CDT – International shipping not included)
  • One-year membership to CDTC, which can be used to receive generous discounts from outdoor retailers such as Gossamer Gear, Six Moons Designs, Granite Gear, and more!
  • CDTC swag!
  • Plus, booking your CDTC shuttle helps support local CDT communities.

NOTE: If you are hiking South from Lordsburg and want to catch a ride from the Crazy Cook monument back to Lordsburg on any of the dates above please visit the link here to arrange your booking!

In the Fall, the shuttle runs on an on-demand schedule subject to driver availability. Those wishing to purchase a shuttle spot(s) should contact CDTC at [email protected] to arrange a shuttle as soon as they have a good idea of when they will arrive at the terminus. 

Water Caches 

CDTC maintains five water caches between the Southern Terminus and Lordsburg. During peak northbound and southbound thru-hiker seasons (early spring and late fall), CDTC staff and volunteers regularly restock water caches. 

Caches are included as part of your shuttle fee. Each hiker is allotted 2 gallons of water per cache. 

If you are NOT using the shuttle service, but would still like us to cache water for you during peak season, please visit this page.

Book Water Cache Service (for non-shuttle riders)

The locations of water cache boxes are as follows:

  • Cache 1: Sheridan Canyon cache box, FarOut mile 14.1, 31.6124 N, 108.31332 W
  • Cache 2: Highway 81 cache box, FarOut mile 25.5, 31.73388 N, 108.41075 W
  • Cache 3: Highway 9 cache box, FarOut mile 45, 31.96518 N, 108.43988 W
  • Cache 4: Highway 113 cache box, FarOut mile 57.9, 32.08053 N, 108.55637 W
  • Cache 5: Animas Rd. water cache box, FarOut mile 78.2, 32.26283 N, 108.74166 W

This information is included in the CDTC map set, Bear Creek Survey CDT Map Books and GPS waypoint files, and FarOut Guides’ CDT appYou can also view a map of the water cache boxes and the route to the southern terminus here.

To access the CDT’s southern terminus remote location take Interstate 10 east from Lordsburg, NM to Exit 49. Take NM 146 South to Hachita. In Hatchita, go east on NM 9 and then south on NM 81. Continue south for approximately 11 miles and just before the curve in the highway, turn left onto the graded dirt road (all roads beyond this point are dirt). Set your odometer, travel approximately 3 miles, and turn right. Go another 3 miles and turn left. Follow this road around the base of the Big Hatchet Mountains for about 20 miles to a windmill and go east for 2 miles. Within 100 yards, you will be at the international boundary barbed wire fence. At the cattle guard, there is a concrete monument commemorating the Crazy cook who murdered someone at this site. The Continental Divide National Scenic Trail is 200 yards north along the border fence from this monument.

Shuttle FAQ

For shuttle dates between mid-March and May, you must make your reservation online via our booking system. We cannot take reservations by email or over the phone in order to ensure that our online system reflects the accurate number of available spots on any given day. 

For shuttle dates outside of April – May, please email [email protected] for shuttle options. Please note that on-demand shuttles are subject to driver availability, and we may not be able to accommodate the exact date that you request. 

Many popular spring shuttle dates fill up quickly. Reservations can be made on our website starting in early November, and should be made at least two weeks in advance of your start date. Outside of the spring season, those looking to schedule an on-demand shuttle should contact us ideally at least one week in advance; southbound long-distance hikers should contact us with an estimated request date from Pie Town or Doc Campbell’s.

Northbound hikers will be picked up at 6:15 AM 207 Shakespeare St. (behind Lordsburg Chamber of Commerce). Look for the CDTC Shuttle sign in the window of the building.

Southbound hikers will be picked up between 9:30 and 10 AM at the Southern Terminus Monument depending on road conditions/weather. 

The ride between Lordsburg and the border takes approximately 3 hours.

Hikers who have completed 16 hours (2 days) of trail maintenance with any group or organization within the last year can get a $20 discount on the shuttle fee. You must have completed the trail work days less than one year prior to your shuttle departure date. Contact the office for more information at (303) 996-2759.

CDTC operates the shuttle under a Special Use Permit with the BLM Las Cruces Field Office. Per our permit, we can drive a maximum of 10 hikers in two shuttles to the border each day.

Unfortunately, no. Due to the close quarters of the shuttle vehicle and the possibility that other hikers may have allergies or a fear of dogs, we cannot allow dogs on the CDTC shuttle.

Please email [email protected] so that we can open the seat to another hiker. We require at least 48-hours notice in order to issue a refund. Cancellations made within 48 hours of your shuttle departure are not eligible for a refund.

Contact the CDTC shuttle operations at [email protected] and we will try to reschedule you to a different date, pending availability.

We keep a waiting list for each full shuttle date. If you are willing to leave on a different date but would like to be placed on the waiting list for your preferred date, book a shuttle for your alternative date and write “I would like to be placed on the waiting list for the shuttle on [DATE]” in the notes section of your order. We will contact you if a spot opens up on your waitlist date. 

If you are not willing to leave on a different date, you can hike southbound from Lordsburg to the southern terminus and take the scheduled shuttle back to Lordsburg. This is the same cost ($175) as the shuttle to the border and includes water caches and a CDTC membership. Please call us to reserve a shuttle spot from the border to Lordsburg.

Isobutane (canister fuel) is commonly found at Saucedos Supermarket and the Hachita Food Mart in Hachita, NM. The shuttle will briefly stop daily at the Hachita Food Mart on the way to Crazy Cook for any last minute needs. Fuel is subject to availability and it is best to call ahead for current stock levels.

Saucedos Supermarket
810 Main St, Lordsburg, NM 88045
(575) 542-3472

Hachita Food Mart
4398 Railroad Ave, Hachita, NM 88040
(575) 436-6278

How to Hike in the Desert

The bootheel of New Mexico is hot, dry, and sits at about 4700′ above sea level. We recommend that you acclimate for at least one day before beginning your journey on the CDT in southern NM. Electrolytes will help your hydration. You will automatically lose water simply by spending time in the desert environment, and when you consider that you’ll be carrying a pack and hiking 15+ miles per day, most people need more than just water to keep them hydrated in this environment. Carry more water than you think you’ll need. To put it bluntly – a sore back and shoulders are much better than dehydration.

We suggest you hike early in the morning, take a siesta during the hottest portion of the day, and then hike a few more hours once the sun has begun to lower in the sky. This will help you conserve water, reduce sun exposure, and reduce the possibility of heat exhaustion.

Bring lots of sunscreen and SPF-resistant clothing. You may want to consider wearing a long-sleeved collared shirt and long pants, or carrying a reflective trekking umbrella to protect your skin. We also suggest that you wear gaiters to reduce the chance of blisters by keeping sand and grit out of your shoes.

Watch your step and be aware of the local residents — rattlesnakes, tarantulas, and scorpions all make their home here and are part of the Bootheel’s thriving ecosystem. Give them all some space when you see them and you’ll be fine. Like much of the CDT, the Bootheel is also home to lots of cows, as multi-use lands permit grazing along the trail. Give these cows their space, too, and don’t lingerat their water sources. Regardless of whether you’ve hiked around livestock elsewhere, take a couple of minutes and read our blog post about how to be respectful of livestock on the CDT before setting out on your adventure.

When selecting campsites along the trail, please do not camp directly next to water sources or caches. Local fauna depend on water sources overnight to drink, and may be startled by your presence, and avoiding creating worn, camped-in areas by water caches will help maintain the trail.

If you get into trouble, get to or stay at a water cache box. During April and May, volunteers, CDTC shuttle drivers, and thruhikers are regularly passing by the water caches. If you are near a road, get to the road and flag down the US Border Patrol. Border Patrol agents are aware of CDT hikers in the area and usually serve as search and rescue in the area. If you are able, call Border Patrol, as they are available 24/7 and will be the ones most likely to reach you first in the Bootheel. Then call 911 or the local non-emergency number (depending on your situation.) We recommend you copy these numbers into your phone prior to your journey:
Border Patrol Office: (575) 531-3010
Hidalgo County Fire and Rescue: (575) 542-8272 (non-emergency)
Emergency: 911

Travel to Lordsburg

Unless you have a private ride to Lordsburg, typical logistics include flying into an airport, and then either taking the Greyhound or Amtrak to Lordsburg, NM.

El Paso International Airport (TX) and Tucson International Airport (AZ) are both 2.5 hours from Lordsburg, while Albuquerque International Sunport (NM) is 4.5 hours away. Advanced Air offers flights to the Grant County Airport in Silver City, NM, just over an hour from Lordsburg.

Ground Transportation

Amtrak Train Station: The Amtrak station in Lordsburg is a good option for those traveling from El Paso, Tucson, and Albuquerque.
Greyhound Bus Station: Greyhound Bus Lines travels daily to Lordsburg from El Paso, Tucson, and Albuquerque. The station is next to the Days Inn in Lordsburg and just .25 mile from the Econo Lodge.

Lordsburg and Hachita Services

Lordsburg KOA: The KOA in Lordsburg is on the south side of I-10 as you walk into Lordsburg and .25 mile off of the trail. It has a group tent site area, 4 individual campsites, and cabins. All options allow for free wifi, showers, water, and are within walking distance to the post office, restaurants, the grocery store and other hotels. Reservations suggested.

Lordsburg Econo Lodge: The Econo Lodge is right along the CDT south of I-10 as you walk into Lordsburg. The manager is a CDT supporter and offers a special rate for CDT travelers. They have free wifi, continental breakfast, and will let you park a car here with a reservation and one night’s stay. Please make reservations directly with them to obtain the CDT hiker rate.

Post Office Both Hachita and Lordsburg, NM, have US Post Offices and both accept mail drops for CDT hikers and riders.
Lordsburg Post Office– 401 Shakespeare St, Lordsburg, NM 88045; (575) 542-9601
Hachita Post Office – 26 B St, Hachita, NM 88040; (575) 436-2220