CDTC Official List of 3,000 milers

The Continental Divide Trail Coalition (CDTC) recognizes anyone who reports completion of the entire Continental Divide National Scenic Trail. CDTC policy is to operate on the honor system, assuming that those who submit a request for recognition, have completed a journey between the Mexican and Canadian Border along the Continental Divide. Issues of sequence, direction, speed, length of time or substitutes of for the “official” route are not considered. CDTC assumes those that apply have made an honest effort to complete the entire Trail, even if they did not pass by every reassurance marker or blaze. If you meet these standards, please complete and sign the form below.

CDT Completion Certificate

Section hikers/equestrians and thru hikers/equestrians who complete the CDNST can report their journey to the Continental Divide Trail Coalition by filling out the Continental Divide Trail Completion Form.  CDT thru-hikers/equestrians who report their adventure along the CDNST will be added to our roster of 3,000 milers and will receive a letter of recognition, a CDNST Patch, and a ‘3000 Miler’ rocker.  The thru-hiker roster is published in each issue of Passages, the CDTC newsletter. We also offer a CDT Completion Award: click here to purchase it in our online store.


  • We give equal recognition to thru hikers/equestrians and section- hikers/equestrians.
  • We operate on the honor system.
  • We recognize users regardless of sequence, direction, speed, or whether they carry a pack, or any variation of their hike.


Complete Official CDTC Completion Certificate Form and include $5.00 for shipping and handling of patch and certificate. 

Click here for the CDNST Completion Form

CDTC Official List of 3,000 milers

Current List of 3,000 milers:

(Disclaimer: This is by no means a complete list.  This is simply the list of folks who have informed us that they have completed the CDNST and have received a CDT Completion certificate from CDTC. In addition, trail journals listed here are only those by folks who have given us permission to link to their journals. )

Current List of 3,000 milers:


Eric Ryback


David O’Dell


Nancy “Mile-A-Minute” Andujar

Jean Ella

Lynne Wisegart


Terri “Princess” Mowrer Gilmore

Walkin’ Jim Stoltz


Joe Hoyt


Bryan “Wanderman” Shuman


George “Billy Goat” Woodard


Michelle “Shell” Ellinwood

Bob “Dr. Bob”   Ellinwood

Tim “Camel/Starman” Hart

Robert “Sly” Sylvester

Pete “Smokey Pete” Schlott

Joseph “JoeJoseph” Santiago


Tim “Uncle Greenbean” Grady


Jackie “Yogi” McDonnell

David “Joe Moon” Wynn


Tim “Uncle Greenbean” Grady

Clifford “Cliffhanger” Hardin

Al “Learned” Learned


Heather “Anish” Anderson

Shawn “Pepper” Forry

Lawton “Disco” Grinter

Felicia “P.O.D.” Hermosilla

The Lewis Family

(Bobby, Natalie, Cody, Jessie and their two burros Wellstone and Pingora, and their dog Deso)

Paul “Mags” Magnanti

Kalyn “M.R.” MacDonald

Mat “Laundry Mat” MacDonald


Bob “Sir-Packs-Alot” Gabrielsen


Brian Miller

Barry “Cubby” King

Julie “Boston” Obear


Robert J. “Wilderness Bob” Bence II

Dylan Carlson

Sean “Rest Stop” Gregor


Jack “Found” Haskel

Jacob “Don’t Panic” Down

Phillip “Nowhere Man” Hough

Katie “Wing it” Howe

Deb “Walking Carrot” Hunsicker

Avelino “Makai” Tamayo


Drew “Abear” Hebert

Kevin “Fandango” Jacobs

Brian “Gadget” Lewis

Ben “Smooth” Newkirk

Scott “Voyageur” Piddington

Mary “Speedstick” Moynihan

Kim “SOL” Geisreiter


Kaitlin “Jetpack” Allen

Elaine “Brazil Nut” Bissonno

James C. “Boat” Boatwright

Sarah “Coyote” Holt

Nancy “Why Not?!” Huber

Shane “Jester” O’Donnell

Dave “Freebird” Osborn

Richard “Handlebar” Ostehimer


Meredith “Ninja” Altland

Phoebe “Slam!” Andujar

Beau “Puck” Baker

Dain “Dain” Bray

Elisabeth “LoveNote” Chaplin

Ryan “the Tourist” Choi

Adam Confair

Thomas “Bigfoot” Holz

Eric “Balls” Gjonnes

Reed “Sunshine” Gjonnes

Kevin Michael “Aqua Man” Hall

John “Sycamore” Hildebrand

Kate “Drop-N-Roll” Hoch

Tim “Hog” Hogeboom

Thomas “Uncle Tom” Jamrog

John “Papa Smurf” Klebes

Jeremy “Qball” Marble

Pat “Burglar” McNeill

Brian “Speed Bump” Miracle

Janie “Not Yet” Faucette Moore

Randy “Macon Tracks” Moore

Greta Mae “Squeak Squeak” Olafsen

Hans “Norm!” Rudi Praller

Aaron “Burly Whites” Philabaum

Erin “Wired” Saver

Brennan “Sparrow” Vandekerckhove

Lauren “Neon” Reed

Masafumi “Masa” Saito

Christopher “Brun” Sellars

Kirk “The Captain” Snyder

William “Estero” Stephens

Julie “Stopwatch” Urbanski

Matthew “Optmist” Urbanski

Dick “HikeOn!~~” Vogel

Domonick “Safety Officer” Zanarini


David “Walker Texas Ranger” Allen

Gabriel Deal

William “Opa” Dewar

Bill “Memento” Eason

Suzanne “Alien” Goulet

Tim “Oops” Guetersloh

John W. “No Trace” Hahn

Susan “Unbreakable” Hahn

Detlef “Hamburger” Körner

Gary “Shutterbug” Lawton

Daniel Bei “cloudwalker” Liu

Lindsay “Marmot” Malone

Karen “Birdy” Mansfield

Spencer “Mismatch” Marple

William A. “yoyo” Martin

Cathe “Pounce” Neuberger

Nicolas “Lorax” Roman

Thomas “Rattlebee” Schiegg

Anne “Stride” Tully

Phil “Soulshine” Violette


Lia “NomNom” Adair

Marty “Race” Bannon

Jason “Scallywag” Bordash

Josiah “MeHap” Cilladi

Grady “Fun Size” Clawson

Chuck “One Nail” Corman

Brendan “K-2” Curtin

Sue “THE DARKNESS!” Damgaard

Ken “Lion King” Dawson

Pat “AXYL” Dixon

Gerald “Natty” Favret

Patrick Force

Craig “Scatman” Fowler

Andrew “Crosby” Frei

Adam “First Man” Fryska

Mark “Messed Up” Garrison

Maria “LaLa” Gaylord

Sean “Rest Stop” Gregor

Jay “Stabby McNeckbeard” Gregory

Craig “Restless Wind” Hall

Youshi “Wonderer” Kasai

Robert “Banana Pants” Kristoferitsch

Kasey “Commando” Lawson

Gail “Chosen” Lowe

Barney “Scout” Mann

Michelle “Handstand” Maruska

Joshua “OverDose” Matzke

Patrick “Kramers” Mcllvena

Lucy “Mountain Spice” Parker

Renee “She-Ra” Patrick

Mark “Mark Trail” Perschel

Christopher “Cookie Monster” Pirrello

Patrick “Wide Angle” Pondl

Ratna “Flip” Pondl

Mandy “Veggie” Redpath

Holly “Laughs Alone” Reppert

Holly “Ridge Runner” Rich

Maya “Focus” Rosenzweig

Meg “Delightful” Roussos

James “Machine Gun” Sarnoski

Eli “Patches” Simmer

Sanjay “The World’s Fastest Indian” Shanbhag

Chuck “Hawkeye” Shugart

Chris “U-Turn” Smith

Daniel “Periwnkle” Smithson

Brenton “Grimm” Snipes

Dennis “Maniac” Stephens

Tim “Memphis” Tache

Chilton “chilly” Tippin

Natsuki “MIJ” Tsuboi

Scott “DooFrain” VanderEspt

Shane “The Reverend” Von Schlemp


Jon “Recon” Booth

Katie “Wilderness” Brown

Nick “Phantom” Burley

Heather “Mama Bear” Burror

Sierra “Monkey” Burror

Marc “Deco” Connelly

Elizabeth “Laugh Track” Corliss

Sadie “Sketchy” Curry

Connor “Bard” DeVane

David “Kiros” DiSanto

Michael “grams” Doppler

John “Johnny Rocket” Dragovits

Michael “Helden” Fagerstrom

Louie “Anchor” Ferdinand

Staci “Hotshot” Harris

Matthew “Easyrider” Hess

Lenka “Mermaid” Jensen

Seungjae “Rabbit” Jeong

Song Jeong Mi

Carrie “Squirrel” Johnson

Dan “SimpleSole” Kayser

Kevin “Wait Up” Landgraver

Whitney “Allgood” LaRuffa

Corey “Toes” Long

Gerald “Freebird (New & Improved)” Mast

John “Lucki” Maxwell

Brad “Shepherd” McCartney

Garry “Hob” McConville

Susie “Rip” McNeely

Nika “Early Bird” Meyers

Carlos Miera

Damon “Charge” Miller

Dan “Dragon” Morriss

Elizabeth “Cerveza” Nielsen

Tracy “Sass” Renault

Jim “Sagebrush” Sells

Nima “Linus Cloudbuster” Shahidi

Hyehyun “Turtle” Shin

Nathan “Sampson” Simpson

Adam “Paperweight” Sitarski

Robert “Shortcut” Spong

Mark “Blue Skies” Strobel

Robert “Stone” Sweeny

Oliver “Handstand” Taylor

Dustan “DAWG” Thomas

Quentin “Q-Tip” Tobey

Emily “Chocolate Chipmunk” Underwood

Ted “Trail Dog” Willhite

Kyle “Titan” Williams

Peggy “Marmot” Willis

Eun Jung “Thermometer” Yoon


Rayana “Acorn” Adra

Mark “Even Keel” Akers

Robert “Bowleg” Anctil

Heather “Anish” Anderson

Genevieve “Killer” Beals

Mike “Beer” Beer

Timothy “Candlemaker” Bloemendaal

Vincent “High Country” Bochsler

Molly “Greenbay” Borgstrom

Bradley “Snuff” Brandt

Lindsay “Outro” Brisko

Christopher Burke

Noémie “Red Cross” Cotton

Bryan “Back Track” Counts

Rabinath de Lange

Christopher “Scavenger” Denu

Shalin “Shay” Desai

Frank Douwes

Effie “Baby” Drew

Kenneth “Coach” Durham

Mike “Purple Haze” Elliott

Jesse “Gentle Spirit” Farrell

David “Lunchbox” Getchel

Benjamin “Napoleon” Glass

Rex “Numbers” Gutsue

Melissa “Moment” Guziak

Martin “Arrow” Haendl

Eden “Starfish” Hafernik

Shane “Dundee” Harting

Radek “Czech Mix” Hecsko

Garret “-Scrapbook-“ Hernandez

Brett “M80” Hessenius

Pattie “Trooper” Hessenius

Willow “The Wonder Dog” Hessenius

Amido “The Spaniard” Hicho

Ann “Mama Raven” Holston

Joon “Whisper” Holston

Will “Bling” Holston

Sean “SPAM” Jenness

Jill “Pit Stop” Kavanagh

Joel “Driver” Kavanagh

Ozunu “Snake Kicker” Kurokawa

Theodore “Drive By” Lindman

Adam “pistachio” Lint

Suzanne “Flyballz” Lockhart

Zack “Franklinstein” Lockhart

James “Attrition” Lunning

Scott “Sunny” Matson

David “Dingo” Moore

Robert “Bravo” O’Connor

Lauren “Fainting Goat” Peruffo

Brian “Spice” Plant

Jeffry “Thirstyboots” Reilly

Murray “Wire Rims” Rice

Eloise “Fun Size” Robbins

Eric “Red Bass” Rogers

Christopher Owen “Rafiki 603” Roma

Fabian “Atlantis” Rupprecht

Robin “Little Spoon” Standish

Jamie “Lumber” Stout

Mike “Countdown” Sydlaske

Don “Sasquatch” Thompson

Eddie “Roswell” Thompson

Taylor “THOR” Thornton

Brian “Winter” Tripp

Tim “Papa Raven” Umstead

Jay “JPEG” Van Dam

Daniel “Thunder” Vardamis

Elaine “Snow” Vardamis

Elsye “chardonnay” Walker

William B. “Samson” Wasser

John “Moaglee” Weber

Philip “Recalculating” Weesies

Witt “El Matador” Wisebram

Lucas “Spindrift” Wojciechowski

Nicholas “Moses” Zeitler

Mustafa “GOAT” Zorlu