Southern Terminus and Shuttle Information

Getting to the Southern Terminus requires some significant planning. CDTC is now offering a service to help CDT South-bounders and North-bounders and CDT section hikers get to and from the CDT Southern Terminus during the high peak travel times.
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CDT North bounders:

The North-bound shuttle runs between the dates of February 1-December 31.  Shuttles will leave from Lordsburg, NM. Section hikers or South-bounders may also be delivered and/or picked up from the southern terminus at this time. Reservations should be made at least 1 week in advance.

CDT South bounders:

South-bound shuttle pick ups operate from February 1- December 31, to transport hikers from the Southern Terminus back to Lordsburg, NM.   Section hikers or North-bounders may be also taken to the southern terminus at this time. Reservations should be made at least 1 week in advance and preferably for thru hikers – 2 weeks in advance.

Water Cache Service:

CDTC maintains five water caches between the southern terminus and Lordsburg. Caches are included as part of your shuttle fee. Each hiker is allotted 2 gallons of water per cache.

If you are NOT using the shuttle service, but would still like us to cache water for you during peak season, please fill out the “New Mexico Water Caches” form at the bottom of this page. The cost for caches is $10/person.

You may also use the cache boxes to cache water for yourself.

The locations of water cache boxes are on our website in the New Mexico Trail Information/Southern Terminus Section.  They are also included in Bear Creek Survey CDT Map Books and GPS waypoint files. Here is the link to stash boxes and here is a Southern Terminus Water Sources pdf map of the Trail with the stash boxes on it.  We suggest drinking at least 2 Gallons/day/hiker. In office peak season times,  CDTC makes periodic checks of the water caches. The caches are also periodically checked and supplied by volunteers of the community of Hachita, NM.  We encourage donations to the Community of Hachita via the Post Office for folks not using our cache service, or simply to thank this community of their amazing support of the CDT over the years. 

When do Shuttles Run?

The CDTC shuttle operates between the dates of February 1 and December 31.

North Bound Peak Shuttle Season Schedule:

Between the dates of April 1- May 15, CDTC operates regular shuttles to the Southern Terminus.  Our permit allows for up to 10 people per day to be delivered to the southern terminus monument.   Between the dates of 10/15-11/30, CDTC has more regular scheduled trips due to the pulse of south bound CDTC thru hikers completing their journeys.  This is an ideal time for section hikers to also reserve seats for section hikes of the Bootheel.  Call CDTC to arrange your trip during these hours to coincide with the pick up of South bound CDT thru hikers.

South Bound Peak Shuttle Season Schedule:

Between the dates of April 1- May 15, CDTC operates regular shuttles. For Southbound section hikers, this is an ideal time to schedule your trip and take advantage of the shuttle operations running on a more predictable schedule.  Contact CDTC to arrange your trip. Between the dates of 10/15-11/30, CDTC operates the Shuttle by reservation with expectation of larger groups of hikers to be picked up at the terminus.  CDTC requests for south-bound hikers to check in with CDTC regarding your reservation at least 2- 3 weeks out from Lordsburg, NM.  Weather can change the border road conditions as well as impact progress and speed of hiking south.  CDTC will work with you to schedule the pick up but rest assured we have drivers on standby ready to get you home safely!


During out of peak seasons (2/1-4/1 and 5/15-10/15 and after 11/30) CDTC will work with you to schedule your reservation and your trip.

Where does the Shuttle Pick Up in Lordsburg, NM?

The North bound CDTC picks up passengers at 6:30 am Econo Lodge (6:30 am) in Lordsburg, NM (1408 Main St, Lordsburg, NM 88045; phone (575) 542-3666) the morning of your shuttle date. The South bound CDTC shuttle will meet you at the Southern terminus by 10 am the morning of your pick up date, and delivers passengers to the Lordsburg Econo Lodge by 2:30 pm on most occasions. What about fuel canisters, lighters, or that one thing I forgot? CDTC will have both fuel canisters and other odds and ends for sale (at cost) so that just in case you forgot your favorite toothbrush, well, we can get you one.  During the trip to the border, CDTC will also have water and snacks because it is a long ride, of course,  you are highly encouraged to bring your own.

How is this being made possible?

CDTC is providing this service to help our hikers get to or from the official southern terminus. All costs go directly to fund this effort (vehicle, trained driver, emergency equipment, satellite phone, permit fees, etc). CDTC is operating the service under a  Special Use Permit with the BLM Las Cruces Field Office and is coordinating its efforts with the local community and Border Patrol.  Please be aware that this operation is managed and reviewed. If you wish to participate in this service, we hope you will help us be successful so we may continue this program by showcasing our CDT community.

How many Shuttles Are Available?

Per our Permit-there will only be 10 hikers taken daily to the Terminus. As dates fill, we will post available dates and work with you to find the best time to start your trip. Reservations will not be available until February 1, 2017. If you need a ride before February 1, 2017-contact CDTC Directly at 303-996-2759 to schedule ride.  Reservations will be available 2/1-12/31. We will work to get everyone to the border, but our permit only allows for up to 10 people per day. 

How to Hike in the Desert
We know,  you’ve done it before.  Well, we’ve heard that before, and still found people in need of help in the Bootheel.  This includes experienced and the inexperienced alike.  The Bootheel of New Mexico sits at 4700 feet in elevation. If you are not used to walking at elevation, then you need to acclimate for at least one day. Why? The desert is hot, dry, and lacks any humidity.  You will automatically lose water through your sweat just by being out and exposed to the desert environment.  Add that you are carrying a 25 pound pack and hiking for 15 miles or more for 5 days in a row, and you increase your water loss and water consumption- DRASTICALLY. Electrolytes: If you’re not used to using electrolytes, then you need to get used to them BEFORE you arrive in Lordsburg.  You will need them when you’re hiking across the desert. Water is not enough in this environment.  Electrolytes will help your muscles recover, prevent dehydration, and generally make you feel a whole lot better. When to hike: We highly suggest you hike early in the morning, take a siesta during the high noon/high sun portion of the day, and then hike once the sun has begun to lower in the sky and then hike into the dusk hours.  We also suggest during your siesta, this is when you cook your meal for the day.  Why?  This will help you conserve water loss and sun exposure and prevent or at least reduce the possibility of heat exhaustion.  We also suggest that on the first day you take it easy and take your time.  We know its hard, you’ve been planning for a lifetime for your journey, but trust us, you don’t want your 6 month trip over in the first day. Sun Exposure: two words~ SUN BLOCK.  And as high as you can find an spf rating.  Don’t forget the back of your neck, your ears, your hands, legs, and lips. Nothing is worse then sun burnt lips. Except maybe burnt legs….it’s gonna cake up on you because of all the sand in the air, but consider that an extra layer of protection. You may also want to consider wearing a long sleeve collared shirt and long pants to protect your arms, neck, and legs from the sun in this climate. Water: see water caches- but also when getting water, drink when you’re at water, and carry additional water.  If you leave water in the caches that is allocated to you, its not our fault.  We encourage that you drink at least a quart as you arrive and just before you leave- sure you’re gonna have to pee more, but that’s better than dying. Carry more than you need, versus not enough. It’s just weight in your pack. SAND~SAND~SAND…It’s everywhere:  Welcome to the Bootheel..and the desert.  If we had a nickel for every time we’ve heard someone say this..”I’ve never had blisters before, I just don’t understand?” Here’s the deal.  You need gaiters to keep as much sand as possible out of your shoes. Then you need to get in the habit of every time you stop to rest, to take off your shoes and socks and shake them out and let them dry out a little.  Why, because with even the BEST SHOES IN THE WORLD, you’re gonna end up with sand trapped everywhere.  When that includes the balls of your feet or your heels, after even just a short while, the sand is going to turn into sand paper and shred your feet.  We know, because we’ve seen it happen over and over again.  Even practicing the above, won’t prevent all blisters- but, it will help reduce some of them.  The challenge is much of the bootheel is off trail hiking and you end up hiking in and out over and up arroyos and that simply causes your foot to not roll as it would on flat ground.  We highly encourage moleskin, tape, etc to carry with you in your first aid kit. And, also, you’re gonna have to tough it out a little, its just the way of the CDT. What about Snakes? Yep- the bootheel has them. Just look where you step, listen for the rattle and give everything some space.  You’re more likely to have an issue with thorns versus snakes, but don’t worry- you’ll see them.  Snakes are most often active in the early mornings and later in the afternoons.  The heat of day and middle of the night its both too hot and cold for them respectively. Is there other wildlife out there? Yep- look for tarantulas, scorpions, beetles, hummingbirds, cranes, and even the occasional pelican. Of course, you’ll also probably see Golden eagles, Hawks, and falcons, maybe hear a coyote, desert fox, and you might even be lucky enough to see on the desert bighorn sheep that make their home in the Big Hatchet Mountains.  Cows are also there and can be VERY curious, but please don’t harass them, these cows belong to local ranchers and our neighbors, and every little bit of energy a cow expends, impacts the bottom line for those who make their living off of their growth.  Agree or not, please be mindful of them.  Finally, its not out of the question that you could see a jaguar, as one is known to roam in and around the bootheel of New Mexico and they may even be breeding on the Arizona/New Mexico state line. What if I get into trouble? If you get into trouble get to or stay at a water cache box. During the April and May window, especially when we are running our shuttle, there will be people constantly at the caches  and they can assist you, or if it’s our volunteers, help you.  If you are near a road, get to the road and flag down the US Border Patrol!  US Border Patrol are awesome and are very versed in both Wilderness First Aid and in search and rescue.  They are great partners to us and will help you, we promise.  If you have a spot/deLorme Reach, or cell phone, call Border Patrol first (they are there 24 hours a day- and most likely out in the bootheel and can be the first to get to you)! Then 911, and then us. Here are the numbers you need: Border Patrol Office: 575-531-3010 Hidalgo County Fire and Rescue: 575-542-8272 (non-emergency)/911Emergency CDTC: 720-340-2382(CDTC) (This is an answering service that is active 24 hours a day) with text delivery to us.  Anything else you should know- There is an amazing history to the area the CDT traverses across in the bootheel.  Fascinating and amazing.  At times you will be tracing the steps of the Geronimo and the Apache, and others, following the history of the Southwest with ranching, railroads, and mining history.  Ask about these stories, learn about the Bootheel, and learn why this is the most amazing place for the CDT to start. There is no doubt when you get there, that you will quickly realize that the CDT is its own unique experience and can’t be compared to anything else.  We want you to enjoy yourselves, but we also hope you’ll take heed and prepare yourself for what you may encounter.
Travel to Lordsburg
We strongly encourage you to arrive in Lordsburg at least one day before your shuttle, so you have time to do supply and acclimate to the dry and high climate.  The Bootheel can be brutal if you are not ready for the conditions.     Please call us if you have questions regarding your logistics. Unless you have a private ride to Lordsburg, typical logistics include flying into an airport, and then either taking the Greyhound or Amtrack to Lordsburg, NM. Airports: El Paso International Airport-TX (2.5 hours) ( Tucson International Airport-AZ (2.5 hours)  ( Albuquerque International Airport-NM (4.5 hours) ( Grant County Airport -Silver City, NM  has a small regional airport with two daily flights from Tucson/Pheonix AZ, but flights can be unreliable. If you choose this airport, please allow extra day for erratic  and unpredictable flight changes. Ground Transportation: After arrival you will need to take Bus or Trains or arrange other rides to Lordsburg, NM. Amtrak Train Station: Amtrak train station Lordsburg, NM has a platform only, no shelter, without Wi-Fi, with parking, with accessible platform and no wheelchair available. This is a good option for connecting between El Paso, TX; Tucson,AZ; and Albuquerque, NM. Greyhound Bus Station: Greyhound Bus Lines travels daily to Lordsburg, NM, this is a good option for connecting between El Paso, TX; Tucson,AZ; and Albuquerque, NM. The station is next to the Days Inn in Lordsburg and just .25 mile from the Econo Lodge. Other Ride Options in Lordsburg/Silver City Area: If you need rides between Lordsburg, Silver City or other surrounding areas, please check out these other services. Also check out  Corre Caminos transit out of Silver City.
Lordsburg and Hachita Services
Lordsburg KOA: The KOA in Lordsburg is on the south side of I-10 as you walk into Lordsburg and .25 mile off of the Trail. It has a group tent site are and 4 individual campsites, there are also cabins.  The group site costs $10/person (if you have group of 4 or more) and the Individual tent sites at $27/two people and allow one tent.  The cabins are $42 /two people with each additional person adding $2.50 up to 4 total people.  All options allow for free wifi, showers, water, and are with in walking distance to the post office, restaurants, the grocery store and other hotels.  Reservations are suggested to ensure that you get a space. Econo Lodge: The Econo Lodge is right along the CDT south of I-10 as you walk into Lordsburg. The manager here has served as a great trail neighbor and they like hikers and are offering a special group rate to CDT hikers of $38/single and $44/double room rates per night have free wifi, continental breakfast and if you are a section hiker, will let you park a car here with a reservation/one nights stay.  Please make reservations directly with them to obtain the CDT Hiker rate and because some nights they do fully book out, you’d hate to miss out on this great deal! Shuttle picks up at the Econo Lodge at 6:30 a.m. the morning of your shuttle. This has become officially known as Hiker Central in Lordsburg! Post Office Both Hachita and Lordsburg, NM have US Post Offices and both accept mail drops for CDT Hikers. Addresses: Lordsburg Post Office– 401 Shakespeare St, Lordsburg, NM 88045 ; phone: (575)-542-9601 Hachita Post Office – 26 B St, Hachita, NM 88040; phone: (575) 436-2220

Shuttle Information and Sign Up

$120 Per Person


Shuttle Pickup Location: Econolodge Lordsburg NM

Shuttle fare includes:

  • Five water caches between the Southern Terminus and Lordsburg (2 gallons per cache)
  • A one-year membership to the CDTC
  • CDT Hiker Registration Card: entitles you to discounts at hotels and services along the trail
  • CDT Buff
  • Electrolytes
  • CDT Completion Certificate (redeemable whenever you finish)

Can I Cancel or Change my reservation? Reservations and prepayment are required 48 hours in advance. Please note: there is a 48-hour Reservation change/cancellation policy- reservations may be changed or cancelled up to 48-hours, cancellations/no shows occurring within 48-hours will not be refunded. We understand things happen, especially when travelling to this part of the country. We will work with you in most all situations to get you to the Terminus if unpredictable events occur. Please keep us informed if these incidents arise as others may be waiting to get on the shuttle list if you are unable to make your pre-arranged time.

For more information please contact us at or 303-996-2759. 

2017 Shuttle Registration


2017 Shuttle Reservations:

You MUST fill out the information below.  Only ONE shuttle ticket can be purchased per rider.  For multiple riders please fill out the form and make additional purchases.  We apologize for the inconvenience but this ensures that we know who is on the shuttle each day.

Please read the shuttle information page here.

You must read and agree to the shuttle risk and release here.

As of April 26, if you still need to reserve a space on the shuttle please email or call 303-996-2759. 



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New Mexico Water Caches


If you are NOT taking the CDTC shuttle, we will cache water for you during peak season for a $10/person fee. This includes 2 gallons per cache at all 5 caches. In the drop-down menu, please select the first date that you will need the water so we know when to cache it for you.

This form will be updated in the fall for Southbound thru-hikers and fall section hikers.

If you have questions about the water caches please email Rachel at

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