Connection to the Land

a film by the Continental Divide Trail Coalition and UNM-Toas.

This film is dedicated to hearing the voices of Our Pueblos, Tribes, Nations Elders, and their relationship to Mother Earth. These voices are being shared to educate others about our shared values and to help others discover the importance of relationships and building strong partnerships in the protection of the Continental Divide Landscape.

The film contains a strong message from the Indigenous people, “True Stewards of the Land ”, concerning their stolen lands and Western conservation efforts, and aims to help others better understand the values of Indigenous stewardship versus Western conservation views. More about the film

The Connection to the Land series continues!

This film is Episode 1 of an important series, and your financial support can help make projects like these possible.


Film Production By UNM-TAOS “Film and Digital Media Arts” and the Continental Divide Trail Coalition
FDMA Director: Peter Walker, Editor: David Mapes
CDTC Staff: Teresa Martinez (Executive Director), Corey Torivio (NM Regional Representative)

Acoma Tribal Elders: Carl Pedro, Bonnie Leno, and Everett Garcia

Filming was conducted at multiple locations on Acoma Pueblo Lands, El Malpais Natl. Monument and the Cibola Natl. Forest.

Special Thanks: Acoma Pueblo, El Malpais Natl. Monument, Cibola National Forest, Sky City Casino/Hotel, UNM-TAOS Admin. Team, Wildflower Playhouse, NM Film Office, Red Camera and Canon U.S.A

Collaboration for the film was based on sharing the message of the Indigenous people and their connection to Mother Earth, so that others can hear and learn about the past, present, and future of the Continental Divide Landscape, and understand the important role it carries in providing sustainability to the Indigenous people. We are recognizing who these lands orginally belonged to and carrying the message of how over-development has impacted their lives and many others. The most gratifying part of it all was the experience of listening to the Elders talk about Mother Nature and witnessing her role in the film- breathtaking and beautiful beyond any imagination.

Cornell “Corey” Torivio

CDT New Mexico Regional Representative