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Longitude: -144.466
Latitude: 18.671
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Continental Divide Trail
CDT Gap Route

Official CDT Route as designated by the U.S. Forest Service CDT Trail Administrator. Gap routes represent informal connections between protected CDT tread to create a continuous route from Mexico to Canada.

Closures and Notices

Closures and Notices represent up-to-date information impacting travel on the CDT regularly updated by the CDTC staff. Click on the (!) points for detailed information.

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Access Points
Mail Drops

Access and planning information for travel on the CDT. Click on any point to see details and link to the location in Google Maps.

CDTC Gateway Communities

Click on Gateway Communnity Icons to link to pages detailing access, services, and events in designated partner communities across the trail dedicated to protecting the CDT.

Data Accuracy / Liability

Improved gravel or surfaced roads are not official sections of the CDNST travel route.  Information contained online, in map books or other publications, is dynamic and may change over time. Land ownership is not depicted and access through non-Federal areas is only allowed at the discretion or by agreement with the landowner. CDTC and the U.S. Forest Service shall not be responsible for errors or omissions in the map information and shall not be obligated to provide updates, additions, or corrections to the map information in the future. CDTC and the U.S. Forest Service give no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of the information. CDTC and the U.S. Forest Service shall not be held liable for improper or incorrect use of the data described and/or contained herein.

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The CDT at your Fingertips

The CDTC has partnered with FarOut Guides, the official App of the CDT! CDTC works with FarOut to provide users with up-to-date notifications on trail closures and alerts.

Other Map Resources

Bear Creek Survey Maps

Developed by the former CDT organization and Jerry Brown of Bear Creek Survey, these map guides reflect the most current line data for the CDNST available. These guides will give you the most accurate way point data for the “official” CDNST route, including water sources, critical intersections and general know where you are or need to be information. The data contained in the CDT app is the same as what you will find on the Bear Creek Survey Maps, we highly recommend you combine these with Yogi’s CDT Handbook and Planning guides for the best adventure possible on the CDNST!

The map set by Johnathan Ley is free, popular, and printable at home.

Hike Suggestions

Some of our favorite day hikes and short backpacking trips on the CDT. Click the filters to sort by state or if you'd like to see family friendly routes.

Atlas of the CDT

The Atlas of the CDT presents the Continental Divide Trail in monumental scale as a continuous corridor that connects a nation along the backbone of the continent. It is a body of research that advances consideration of the trail beyond a narrow path to critical landscape infrastructure with the power to link regions and drive the conservation of habitats and natural resources across the Rocky Mountains.

Explore the Atlas by clicking the right and left of the images in the gallery, and read the full work by clicking the link to the digital copy below or by purchasing a hard copy.

Download the Full Digital Atlas of the CDTPurchase the Atlas of the CDT Hard Copy
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